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Meet Pete....

I'm Pete..This website has been created in order to help people make decisions about plastering projects around the home.  With the content you'll find tutorials and how to's that will teach you how to complete plastering jobs. When I bought my first house it was a bit of a mess, it needed decorating, new kitchen and bathroom etc. I couldn't just re-paint the walls in this house as they were far from being completely flat and smooth, and felt they needed some work first. So I decided to go to the nearest DIY store, buy some plaster, buckets and trowels. and do the job myself.  I thought to myself  how hard can it be..!! I mixed up the materials without really paying any attention to the instructions and went about attempting to apply plaster to a wall in order to make it smoother for decorating.  It was only then that I realised that plastering really is one of those trades that you can't 'just have a go at'..!!  I don't recommend you try plastering with zero knowledge of it. After about 10 attempts, a lot of mess and subsequently having to throw away alot of unused plaster along with the buckets it was set to I realised I had failed.

I wouldn't be beaten and I certainly wasn't going to either tell anybody about my mistake or go ahead and pay someone to make my bad job look better so I booked a 5 day plastering course!!  I highly recommend this method of learning how to plaster as you not only meet like minded people, you'll have an instructor with you along your learning journey. That's all very well if you've got 5 days spare and about £500 which is why I have created this website.  I hope to be able to show you the core information that was taught to me and that you will need to know in order to be able to plaster.

After completing the plastering course I went about using my newly found skills. I started with small repairs and moved on to walls and ceilings etc and over the past 13 years have perfected my skills as a plasterer.

Since learning how to plaster I have noticed that the methods used in plastering are like a set of rules. If you stray away from them you'll end up with a sub-standard finish.  I firmly believe that if you follow the steps correctly every time and have a little patience you can become a good plasterer with an excellent finish.


My tutorial is designed to show you the correct skills and techniques required to become a good plasterer.  The four stages of plastering a wall are covered.  I hope that the tutorial avoids you from making the same mistakes that I did and that you can become a proficient and confident plasterer.

Becoming a plasterer was not a job that I ever thought I would end up doing yet 13 years after completing a plastering course I am regularly plastering for myself and others.