Everything you need to know about plastering in one place.

Welcome to my website where you are going to learn how to plaster for yourself.  Many people pay hundreds of pounds to use a plasterer.  Many people pay to go on expensive plastering courses.  I hope that with the information you find here on my website, along with the video tutorials that you can watch for free, you will find the confidence to carry out your own plastering. 


Video tutorials uploaded to the site with tutorials dealing with all aspects of plastering.  The tutorial below is the first video to watch if you are new to the site.  It demonstrates the entire plastering process from start to finish.  It has been filmed in real time and is therefore 1 hour 24 minutes long.  If this is too long you can skip through, however you may miss vital techniques that are explained throughout.  Other videos will be uploaded periodically that will show the different aspects of plastering.

Free Tutorials.

Help with tools and equipment

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Tools and equipment required for plastering:
Bucket trowel
Heavy bristled brush
Cutting blade
PVA adhesive
Plastering trowel
Mixing whisk
Small decorators brush
Small and a large flexitub
Multi finish Plaster